3M cursus - Digital bonding in Orthodontics

Datum: 17 oktober 2019

Locatie: 3M Belgium, Hermeslaan 7, Diegem

Geschikt voor: Tandartsen voor orthodontie en Orthodontisten

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3M cursus - Digital bonding in Orthodontics

Why is the future of orthodontics going digital? Does digital provide at least the same, or even a better treatment accuracy? The Indirect Bonding techniques developed in the past were most often technique sensitive in a daily practice. Today’s technique of intra-oral scanning, treatment planning software, 3D printing of bonding trays and modern adhesives allowed to develop the era of Digital Bonding. A full day of interactive learning with hands-on to discover this technological revolution. Enhanced treatment accuracy combined to reduced chair time earns to the future starting from today.


  • Dr. Hero Breuning
  • Dr. Isabelle Savoye
  • Dr. Junior Emmanuel Dumu

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